California Nadir Pistachios

California Nadir pistachios never touch the ground once they’re shaken from the trees. Instead they are gathered in catch frames that are quickly emptied into large bins and trailers and sent immediately by truck to our processing facility where they are cleaned and hulled. We purchase large bulk quantities and immediately ship the products to Iraq where they are packaged locally.

Al Nadir is especially proud of the many nutritional benefits pistachios have to offer. Nadir Pistachios are not only delicious and fun to eat but also one of the most heart healthy snacks. Nutritionally, the pistachios are:

• Naturally cholesterol free
• Naturally trans-fat free
• A good source of dietary fiber
• Low in saturated fat

So much goodness packed into something so small!

• Roasted to perfection
• A touch of salt
• Irresistibly crunchy

Top quality pistachios from California!

• Sun-ripened, 100% naturally opened
• Largest available nut size
• No cross allergens, guaranteed free of any other nuts
• Dry roasted, with no added oil
• Excellent flavor, thanks to a unique rotary roasting technique